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2006 Motorsports Achievements in North America(04/19/2006)

1. Multiple Canadian Championships Wins 2006

Planet Motosports subaru driver John Vanos won the Canadian Ontoria Region 2006 Rally Championship using the latest 2-way damping adjustable Hot Bits DT2 suspension.

Matt Barnes driving a Toyota Paseo won the production class.

The 2006 Galway-Cavindish Rally had Hot Bits customers placing 1st,2nd,3rd,4th and 6th overall and 3rd class winners.

HotBits own car prepared and driven by Peter Reilly, the Hot Bits North American distributor turned up at various North American events to cause some excitement. It is a 1994 VW Golf 1.8 20V turbo AWD.

While trying to confirm that its AWD people spent a lot of time looking under the back of the car and got a good look at the rear differential but also at the Hot Bits DT2 shocks.

2. Rally American Events

US activity saw the ACR Motorsport teams taking 2 class wins in their Mitsubishi Eclipse and 2 class wins in their Neon SRT at Rally America events in 2006, both vehicles using Hot Bits DT1 suspension.

Fatboy Racewerks team with the driver Kris Dahl won the production class in the Western Rally Championship 2006 in his Acura Integra running Hot Bits DT1 suspension.

3. Solo Racing USA/Canada time trial "C one car on track verses the clock.

Solo racing saw great drives by Kyle Lynch and Stephen Deneka both in Subaru STIs running in the Canadian circuit.

In the USA Stan Wilson in a new Chevy Cobalt was collecting wins with his Hot Bits DT2 suspension at the SCCA Runoffs.

4. Targa Newfoundland Rally

5 days of competition across the Canadian island province of Newfoundland draws competitors as far away as Australia.

Tony Kloosterman and sin team up under the banner of I Never Quit Racing + running a WRX.

Tony told us the car was incredibly stable with HotBits DT2 suspension compared to the previous suspension.

Targa is a tarmac event but the rural roads have lots of the broken surface and potholes that the Hot Bits just swallowed up.

HotBits would like to congratulate all the winners and the huge group of our customers that just love to have fun in great handling cars.

2007 looks to be even more promising with some new teams at drag racing and drift running.

2006 Ontoria Rally Champion -
Planet Motorsport
2006 Ontoria Rally Champion -
Planet MotorsportJohn Vanos

Stephen Deneka at 2006 Canadian
Nationals Solo
2006 Ontoria P2 Class Rally Champion -
Matt Barnes

2006 Ontoria P2 Class Rally cahmpion - Matt Barnes

ACR Motorsport Eclipse - Talon