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North America Latest News(07/19/2012)


Having fun with Carlton University, building dampers to the spec of the engineering students for their Challenge car. This project will continue into the fall.
We are working with Wietzes Toyota Scion on the new FR-S suspension. It will be available in July.
HotBits staff is busy every weekend until mid September. So keep your eyes open at track and rally events in Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland and anywhere our customers call. We are out supporting customers at GT, Touring Car, Rally, Targa and Vintage. Mosport, Montreal F1, Tremblant, Black Bear, Montreal Nascar, Galway Cavindish, Trois Rivieres GP, Calibogie. If you need help, let us know and we will try and be there.
Last week it was the Kijiji GT Subaru at Mosport and this past weekend was Touring Car and Vintage at Tremblant. Next week its Black Bear Rally.
This mix of racers includes Porsche, BMW, Subaru, Toyota, VW, Mini, Scion, Chevy, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Mazda, almost forgot Smart! Yes, if you want to get your Smart car handling great, we have done it, both generations.
July 14th is the Black Bear Rally which we are happy to continue our support of this great event. Half the field is running on HotBits.
August 11th is the Galway Cavindish Forest Rally supported by HotBits. Get your entries in now